Creation features allow you to create simple or complex tasks and operations depending on your requirements.
Edit, view, and renew in a single view

All certificates and their sub-items can be viewed, edited, and renewed within a single view.

Makes certificates easier-to-use
Edit certificates with one click
Tree Structure

The list of Certificates can be constructed as a Certificates Tree. The tree consists of nested categories, certificates, and their sub-items, such as annexes, type approval certificates, surveys, and audits.

Better organization of certificates.
Version and renewal handling

When you renew a certificate the previously added will go to an archive, which can be viewed any time.



Detailed reports result in detailed KPIs and analytics. At the same time providing a detailed report increases the time to completion of a report. In Navatom this detail is added automatically through features and integrations, so you can have the best of both worlds.
Attach files

Attach all types of files to a report. The files can be previewed if the file type allows it, or downloaded. Navatom allows file attachments everywhere that's necessary.

Group files by report or task type
No limit on number of files


All of your crew members and employees can interact with each other while completing operations.

An easy-to-use commenting system that allows managers and crew converse on a specific task or procedure.

Keeping dialogues contained within items can show why an action was taken.
Contain conversations within a task or procedure.
follow up

Follow Up

Operations don't always go according to a predefined path to completion. You can handle these deviations through Navatoms features.
View tasks on a calendar

The calendar gives a monthly/yearly view of all of the periodical tasks in Navatom, you can also create and assign events here. Scheduled events are shown and can be started from the calendar view.

Helps planning ahead
Tasks won't get missed, as daily and weekly tasks can be viewed from dashboard and other views.
Term Tracking

Track certificate terms (interim, short term, full-term)

Enables qualitative data when sending email certificate reports and notifications.


Automatically generated logs allow you to analyze how a task or operation is processed and completed.
Event Logs

Navatom keeps detailed logs of all actions taken by everyone in your organization.

Seeing event logs in real time allows you to detect minor issues and prevent them from creating additional minor problems
Helps identify bottlenecks per task, if a step takes too long to complete it's clearly visible in the event logs.