Creation features allow you to create simple or complex tasks and operations depending on your requirements.
Add an equipment to the consumable or waste liquid

Add equipment to the reason of consumption or wasting

Show what was the reason of consumption or waste
Integration with Voyage Module

The amounts of liquids entered into Consumptions & Waste will be reflected in Voyage

The all displayed amounts in CAW Module are taken from voyage reports without extra specifications.
The name of the equipment that is defined as a consumer will be also displayed together with the changes of liquid amounts on board
Follow up the amount of consumables and wastes on board

Have a constantly updated onboard consumables and wastes list

Keep the stock of liquids on board with low margin of error with the values taken from voyage reports
Create a list of consumable liquids or wastes

Create your consumable liquids stock list

Customized stock list is more easy to manage because exactly fitting your system


Detailed reports result in detailed KPIs and analytics. At the same time providing a detailed report increases the time to completion of a report. In Navatom this detail is added automatically through features and integrations, so you can have the best of both worlds.
Consumption tracking

Track consumption operations both in Voyage, and Consumption and Waste products.

Consumption based analytics
Attach files

Attach all types of files to a report. The files can be previewed if the file type allows it, or downloaded. Navatom allows file attachments everywhere that's necessary.

Group files by report or task type
No limit on number of files


All of your crew members and employees can interact with each other while completing operations.

An easy-to-use commenting system that allows managers and crew converse on a specific task or procedure.

Keeping dialogues contained within items can show why an action was taken.
Contain conversations within a task or procedure.


Automatically generated logs allow you to analyze how a task or operation is processed and completed.
Event Logs

Navatom keeps detailed logs of all actions taken by everyone in your organization.

Seeing event logs in real time allows you to detect minor issues and prevent them from creating additional minor problems
Helps identify bottlenecks per task, if a step takes too long to complete it's clearly visible in the event logs.


Analyze real-time information to assess pain points in your system to iterate and improve on tasks and operations.
EEOI calculation

EEOI analysis uses Consumption & Waste and Voyage information to give you multiple analytics into your vessels and fleet's energy efficiency.

See energy efficiency in real-time
Multiple charts to give different dimensions to energy efficiency