Creation features allow you to create simple or complex tasks and operations depending on your requirements.
Define passive and active controls

Define controls with additional description and event logs, that enable tracking when specific controls are implemented.

Track control implementation dates and events.
Active controls are presented as checkboxes when the crew are reporting an operation.
Define probability, severity and tolerability of hazards in a matrix

Navatom allows you to select within a matrix that provides mathematical risk calculation features.

Define the operations steps

Operations can be separated into linear steps. Which allows assigning hazards and controls to every other step. This is completely optional, as hazards and controls can be directly added to the main operation.

Creates a granular and detailed operation list.
The crew will have a clear view of which hazards can occur at which step.
Active controls can be initiated during each step.
Versioning system to automate revision tasks

The versioning system allows for you to revision definitions within Navatom, without worrying about keeping track of revision logs, or version lists. The system automatically stores previous versions of a definition.

The versioning system also stores version info within reports, so you have a clear idea of which version of a definition is used while reading the report. Navatom also has tools to clarify what is updated through each version.

Reduces the difficulty in tracking versions
Document version tracking is fully automated
Create operations and define their risks

List out all your operations, and assign their hazards.

Define the risks during shipboard operations to minimize the risks


Navatom has multiple levels of assignment systems. Static assignments are preconfigured during setup and onboarding, embedded assignments are preset according to rules and regulations, and dynamic assignments are on-the-fly assignments are given on the fly enabling a realistic business model integration.
Assign relevant risk assessments to PMS tasks

Risk assessments can be added to maintenance definitions, these risk assessments are then presented to your crew members while they are on the maintenance details report.

Crew members can no longer miss or misinterpret risk assessment through maintenance.
During maintenance they will be shown exactly which risk assessments they need to complete, they will see which hazards are present, and which control measures they need to take, before starting maintenance.
Risk assessments can be defined for critical equipment maintenance.


Detailed reports result in detailed KPIs and analytics. At the same time providing a detailed report increases the time to completion of a report. In Navatom this detail is added automatically through features and integrations, so you can have the best of both worlds.
Attach files

Attach all types of files to a report. The files can be previewed if the file type allows it, or downloaded. Navatom allows file attachments everywhere that's necessary.

Group files by report or task type
No limit on number of files
Attach forms to risks

Add permits and other types of forms to risk assessments.

Permits are never missed, as they are visible in every single report.


All of your crew members and employees can interact with each other while completing operations.

An easy-to-use commenting system that allows managers and crew converse on a specific task or procedure.

Keeping dialogues contained within items can show why an action was taken.
Contain conversations within a task or procedure.


Automatically generated logs allow you to analyze how a task or operation is processed and completed.
Event Logs

Navatom keeps detailed logs of all actions taken by everyone in your organization.

Seeing event logs in real time allows you to detect minor issues and prevent them from creating additional minor problems
Helps identify bottlenecks per task, if a step takes too long to complete it's clearly visible in the event logs.


Organically change tasks and operations in real-time to improve on your system with regular iterations.
Define your own risk assessment methodology

Navatom provides various settings that allow you to customize how the Risk Assessment behaves. A good example is defining the matrix size like 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5.

Keep using your preferred risk assessment methodology.
Link procedures to operations

Attach the procedures you've created within Manuals to Operations within Risk Assessment. When the crew member is creating the risk assessment report, he will have direct visual access to the attached procedures.

No need to search for a procedure, it can be viewed during an operation
It's easy to sort operations without a procedure, or procedures that don't have operations
Multi-level assignment system

Assign operations defined within risk assessment to crew members, as responsible and approver.

The full permit and operational hierarchy is included within the system.