Real-time Ship Management

Navatom is the next-generation ship management software combining sophisticated contemporary technologies and cloud-based software to enable access to your real-time maritime data. The intuitive web interfaces allow you to locate, sort, and analyze relevant data seamlessly.

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Run your fleet in real-time

Cloud-based high performing ship management web application

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Cloud Ship Management Software

Navatom brings together everything that's required to manage ships globally. Navatom products empower ship management companies to improve their planned maintenance system implementations, crew management, documentation management, health, safety, environment, quality procedures, internal and external ship audits, inspections, and issue analysis.

Navatom also brings together ship management companies and their fleet through its advanced and highly collaborative features developed with more than a decade of experience in creating cloud fleet management software for the maritime industry.

Ship management software

Learn more about ship management software, and how Navatom can fit your requirements.

Migration to the cloud

Take the first step in bringing your fleet to the cloud, and benefit from cost reduction and increased insights.

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A sophisticated yet performant and simplistic approach to fleet management


Low maintenance

You don't need to worry about installation, updates, or fixes.



Navatom has been running with 99.5% uptime for 10 years.



Security checks both internal and external are run periodically to ensure security.



Engineered to perform fast regardless of your data size.


Measure everything, in real-time

Navatom helps you improve every part of your HSEQ and planned maintenance processes. Get a clear understanding of how and why things happen with Analytics and KPIs Navatom stores quality data to deliver quality insights to you. Product integrations increase the coverage of Navatom's insights.


Powerful analytics to help you increase performance and compliance.


Industry-standard and tailor-made KPIs with real-time results and reports.

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