Online crew applications combined with crew management

Crew Manager is a fully cloud-based ship crew management software, where crew can apply for a job in your company, without any setup or integrations. These applications can be directly converted to contracts, and together with a multitude of features, it's easy to track and segment these applications and your current crew.

Track job applications

Navatom crew manager has an online job application system, where crew members can apply for jobs, and you can track and contract them, all through the same product.

Online cloud crew application system
crew manager - applications
Pool and filter all applicants and onboard crew

Track due items of current crew members, and find new crew members using smart filters and search.

crew manager - pool
Understand and evaluate your crew and applicants

Your crew are more than their informational data. You can evaluate and understand your crew better with Navatom Crew Manager

Crew rating system
crew manager - evaluate