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Easily start your fleets journey to the cloud with Navatom

Navatom's ease-of-use, elastic setup process, and advanced onboarding features help small fleets set up, and get started fast. You can start with the basics today, and move on to more advanced features as you get more comfortable within the platform.

What to expect as you migrate to Navatom


Easy to start

To start using Navatom, the only requirement is an internet connection.


Simple to setup

Navatom is elastic software, you can use it as simple or as complex as you want.


Onboarding your company and ships

Navatom's onboarding features will automate most of the process for you.

Easy to start

How to start using Navatom

Navatom takes faster to get up and running than any other ship management software in the market by a huge margin.

The steps you need to follow to get up and running are easy. Add a ship to your account, add a crew member, lead them to Navatom Ship Login.

Our PoC experience has shown us that no matter how big you think this task will be, Navatom will make it smaller for you.

Small Fleet - Easy to start
Simple to setup

Migrating your existing data

There are multiple directions you can take while migrating your data into Navatom. Navatom's teams of experts will guide you through your migration to choose the best option and implement it.

Small Fleet - Simple to Setup
Onboarding your company and ships

Learning Navatom is easy, it's support features make it even easier

90% of crew members that start using Navatom do so without getting a proper onboarding, and their success rate is again 90%.

There are embedded features within Navatom that help your employees and crew members to start using the software such as:

Company onboarding
In-app chat to reach our support team
In-app documentation
In-app user guides for employees
Ship onboarding
In-app chat to reach our support team
In-app documentation
Small Fleet - Onboarding

Ready to get started?

Getting started is easy, you can either click start now to create an account and login to Navatom right away or contact our sales team for a more tailored sales process. Either way, you and your fleet can start using Navatom today!


Transparent pricing

Our pricing page shows exactly what you'll be paying for your subscription.


Start using Navatom

You can check out the detailed pricing page that lists all features.