Create, import, schedule and assign forms

The Forms allows you to create or import all of your forms into an organized ecosystem of all your forms. You can connect these forms to various other products within Navatom, or schedule and assign them to your crew to be filled periodically.

Create, schedule, and assign multiple types of forms

Create, and keep all of your forms in one place. Navatom Forms enables you to create, revise, assign and schedule all ISM Forms, Quality Forms, Permits, and more, through shared interfaces. Navatom Forms also allows the categorization and labeling of your forms.

Follow Up
forms - multiple form types
Revision and publish cycles

Easy to execute form revision and publishing cycles. Navatom allows you to collaborate in editing and revising your forms and to publish them at scheduled dates. You can rest easy knowing all of your forms are up to date throughout the fleet.

forms - revisions
Historical data and integrations

The Forms offers various integrations to make your life easier. For example, you can attach them to be filled within maintenances to keep records or assign them as permits to operations. You can also see historical data throughout all revisions and changes with ease.

forms - historical data

Forms FAQ

What is Navatom Forms?

Navatom Forms is integrated form management, publication, and follow-up system.

Within Navatom Forms, users can create, publish, and revise various Company forms, including ISM Forms, engine and equipment performance check forms, quality control forms, operational permits, and more.

Navatom Forms includes a calendar-based scheduling and assignment system. Forms are assigned to the crew and scheduled (one time or recurring) to be filled by them.

The filled forms go through the assignment and approval hierarchy. They are visible to the company at all stages, from draft to archive.

Forms module allows multiple types of forms to be directly imported, these are XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, and PDF. You can also create Web-Forms within the system.

We also provide excellent migration services to our customers. Which includes migration of all company data from third-party solutions or digital, and paper-based systems.

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