Analyzable and detailed Master's Review reports

Master's Reviews allows a fleet manager to see a more in-depth and humanized look into their fleet's conformity and safety status. Navatom enriches Master's Reviews, with outcome reports, predefined checklists, remarks and more.

Create detailed and informative Master's Review reports

Master's review is traditionally a single form that the captain fills out periodically. With Navatom Master's Reviews, this process is given an actual product, where the Master's can give extensive details about the Master's Review, and the best part is statistically it takes shorter than filling out the Master's Review form.

Assign Checklists
Versioning system to automate revision tasks
Rich text reports
Multiple definitions (types)
Calendar-based event planning
Event Logs
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Company evaluation of the Master's Review

The detailed master's review reports enable you to create tasks and practices around the issues listed in the reports.

Changes since previous view
Follow Up
View tasks on a calendar
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Analyze and follow up on Master's Reviews

Keeping Master's Reviews as a product leads to higher quality insights and analysis about the reviews from multiple periods and vessels at the same time.

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