Track all equipment malfunctions and company or third party deficiencies in one place

Deficiencies is an integrated product that allows easy reporting and analytics solutions. Port State Control, SIRE, CDI, and various other rule systems are directly integrated for a more defined analysis.

Report all malfunctions in an integrated and familiar space

With its direct integration to the Planned Maintenance System, equipment defects, and other deficiencies are easily tracked and solved within the Deficiencies.

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deficiencies - report malfunctions
Embedded helpers to create qualitative data

Navatom keeps an updated list, of third-party authorities their rule, root cause, and issue tracking systems. So it's easier for you to select these within Navatom, which enables clearer data that leads to impressive insights.

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deficiencies - helpers
Unique analysis tools to lower recurring malfunctions

Navatom Deficiencies offers a unique standpoint in analyzing deficiencies, with intelligent deficiency reports and related analysis tools.

deficiencies - analysis

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