Dry dock planning

Use Navatom Dry Dock to schedule plan and execute dry dock tasks. Includes cost estimations, postponing maintenances and issues to dry dock, analytics, and more.

Schedule and define todos for drydock

Schedule upcoming drydocks to plan ahead for all items that you want to complete during the drydock period.

Predifine Tasks
Schedule Drydock
Add Reports
drydock - schedule and define tasks for drydock
Plan drydock tasks with completion date and cost estimates

Detail tasks with reports, ETA and cost estimates, contractor information and more.

Sub-Contractor Details
Add Costs to Running Cost Categories
Add Tasks
Follow Up
Follow Up Task, Start- Estimated Complete Date and Date of Completion
drydock - plan drydock tasks and cost estimations
Complete maintenances and issues during a drydock

Issues, maintenances and more can be postponed to a drydock, allowing a realistic reporting for these tasks.

Instant Tasks
Follow Up
Postpone maintenance
Postpone issues
Postpone Enquires
drydock - Complete maintenances and issues during a drydock