Assign, schedule and follow up on drills

You can report scheduled drills with checklists, attendance reviews, crew performance ratings, reports, files, comments, and more.

Create a dynamic drill schedule

Schedule drills according to third-party requirements and your procedures. Drills can be scheduled to recur periodically with window dates to allow deviations.

Searh and Filter According to Schedule Date or Window
Calendar-based event planning
Follow Up
View tasks on a calendar
drill - schedule
Keep detailed records of drills

Your crew can report all the planning, execution, and review details of a drill in one easy-to-use view. List of attendees, individual ratings, checklists, file uploads, reports and many more can be added to a drill report.

Versioning system to automate revision tasks
Rich text reports
Changes since previous view
Multiple definitions (types)
Attendee and Absentees List
Initial Meeting
drill - report
Review and improve performance

Drill's can be reviewed by the master of the vessel and company officials. These reviews serve as a guideline for continuous improvement of the SMS.

Add Office Reviews
drill - review