Products for the maritime ship management industry

Technical Management

Assign, track, execute jobs effortlessly
Request, procure, rfq, purchase items, and track stock.
Request, procure, rfq, purchase spares, and track stock.
Track internal and external drydock tasks, and postponed issues and maintenances.


Detailed voyage tracking, integrated with necessary features.
Track ship fuel, oil and water consumption.
Ship pre-finance that integrates to your finance solution
Get running cost actual, estimate within any period, and analyze spending


Company created and external manuals in one place
Company and third-party circulars grouped and revision tracked
Track renew, upload all ship certificates
Create pdf, doc, xls, and web-forms and schedule them


Keep track of masters reviews and their outcomes
Enrich safety, and toolbox meetings with checklists attendance lists and more
Assign schedule and follow up drills
Schedule and record crew training reports
Define operational risks, their hazards and controls


Track equipment malfunctions and third party deficiencies
Track, detail and close NC's with rule and root cause analysis
Report and analyze near-misses
Investigate and analyze accident root causes
Report and analyze technical findings


All audits, surveys, inspections and more, in one place for easy tracking
Record vetting reports and findings with SIRE, CDI rules
All internal and external audit, vetting, inspection and ship visit findings in one view


Fast interaction with crew
High performance quality analysis
Set goals and view KPIs in real-time

Human Resources

Crew applications, exams, reviews and contracting