Voyage data reporting, with environmental, cargo, and consumption information

Navatom Voyage is an guided voyage report form software. Where you can track ship consumption, EEOI, vessel position, and vessel tracking with easy and ready-to-use forms and views.

Voyage Data Collection

Collect quality data from your vessels to increase overall fleet performance, track and analyze consumption, cargo, energy efficiency, and cargo data.

voyage - data collection
Real-Time vessel data

Standardized report forms that elastically fit into your operational needs. Data and analytics are collected and shown in real-time, you can use Navatom to track your vessels.

voyage - real-time vessel data
Multiple data sources to enrich vessel reports

Navatom has embedded and integrated data within the Voyage product that enables rich report data.

voyage - multiple data sources

Voyage FAQ

What is Voyage Reporting

Every day, usually at noon, maritime vessels send data about their current status to their managing company.

The data includes various information about the current and future position, estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the next targeted location, weather and hydrostatic information, engine working conditions, cargo, and ballast information, and more.

With Navatom Voyage, these reports are filled and tracked within the system.

Generally speaking, most companies use the following report types:

  • Departure Report

  • Noon (daily) Report

  • Stoppage Report

  • Arrival Report

  • End of Voyage Report

Navatom includes the following report types:

  • Departure Report

  • Begin of Sea Passage Report

  • Canal Commence Report

  • Canal End Report

  • Sea Passage (Noon, Daily) Report

  • End of Sea Passage Report

  • Arrival Report

  • In-Port Report

  • Shifting Report

  • Begin Drifting / Anchorage Report

  • Stoppage Report

  • End of Stoppage Report

  • Bunkering Report

  • Engine Failure Report

  • Resume Sailing Report

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