Ship fuel consumption and waste tracking

Fuel is the most expensive factor in operating a vessel. Navatom Consumption & Waste is designed as an intermediary system, where crew onboard the vessel can enter consumption data by hand, this entry is integrated into the Voyage product, where they can enter fuel consumption data in each report.

The product is designed to be ready for integration with automated fuel and consumption tracking systems.

Track consumption and waste

Track all consumables and waste in one place, Residual, and distillate fuels, lubricants, additives, fresh, and technical water, sludge, dirty oil, bilge, garbage, and individual sub-categories can be tracked using the Consumption & Waste.

consumption and waste - track consumption and waste
Multiple report types to cater all operation types

It's possible to track onboarding and offboarding of all consumables and waste.

consumption and waste - multiple report types
Keep detailed logs of consumption

Track consumption through both Consumption and Waste and Voyage products. Crew can add individual reports through both systems allowing, a detailed tracking system, leading to quality analysis.

consumption and waste - detailed logs