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Save time and money through Navatom

The first step of migrating to Navatom is, there is no first step. It just works out of the box without any hardware costs or installation. The top three biggest problems in switching management software are hardware, installation, and onboarding, either automated or unnecessary with Navatom.

What to expect as you migrate to Navatom


Anywhere anytime

Navatom is accessible through any smart device with a modern browser.


Simple to setup

Navatom is elastic software, you can use it as simple or as complex as you want.


Less is more

Increase control over your fleet while saving precious time.

Anywhere anytime

The benefits of Navatom for multi-location companies

When a business spans more than one location, the cost and complexity of maintaining software can present significant challenges. These include large and recurring investments in server technologies and the cost of maintaining these systems.

Multi-location benefits
The expense of hardware at each location is eliminated.
The costs and complexities of business information exchange is eliminated.
All users are on the latest version of Navatom at all times.
Office moves, and setup of new locations adding new users is dramatically simplified.
Remote working is easily enabled.
Large fleet - anywhere anytime
Simple to setup

Migrating your existing data

There are multiple directions you can take while migrating your data into Navatom. Navatom's teams of experts will guide you through your migration to choose the best option and implement it.

Small Fleet - Simple to Setup
Less is more

Navatom enables your employees to manage more vessels in less time

Navatom is designed to increase the control of superintendents and managers over your fleet. Navatom products follow a simple yet effective philosophy, increase ease of use while never forcing users to enter data twice and collect analyzable and qualitative data.

Analyze vessel status in technical management aspects with ease.
Weak-points are easily identified.
Interactively solve vessel problems.
Deploy system changes to vessels with ease.
Collaborate with crew in any technical management aspect.
Large fleet - less is more

Ready to get started?

Getting started is easy, you can either click start now to create an account and login to Navatom right away or contact our sales team for a more tailored sales process. Either way, you and your fleet can start using Navatom today!


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