Simple Cloud Migration Guide: Server to Cloud How Can You Manage Cloud Migration Processes

What Should You Do To Ace On-Premise to Cloud Migration?

Many businesses will have to complete these steps during a cloud migration funnel:

  • Shake hands on goals: What are you hoping to achieve from this migration, and what will mean success for you? Make sure you are on the same page with your migration assistant if you are using one. 

  • Establish a security strategy: You may want to create a cloud firewall or a similar web app firewall to ensure corporate assets protection. 

  • Transfer the data: Once you have selected a cloud provider, it is time to duplicate your databases. Ensure that your cloud database is staying up to date throughout the migration process. 

  • Transfer your business intelligence: This process may include rewriting code. 

  • Complete the migration: Once you go live on the cloud, you will have successfully switched your production from on-premise to the cloud. 

Whether you will choose to turn off your on-premise infrastructure at the end of the migration is up to you. You may also choose to preserve legacy systems in the background for a hybrid cloud deployment. 

migration guide - on premise to cloud

The 5 R’s of Cloud Migration Technology

There are five commonly known strategies for cloud migration. These are rehosting, refactor, revise, rebuild and replace. For rehosting, you may choose an infrastructure as a service provider and rehost your application interface on that infrastructure. You may run your app on a platform as a service provider to reuse existing code for refactoring. For revise, you can rewrite or expand your codebase. In terms of rebuild, you may re-architect your application through a platform as a service provider, capitalizing on modern features. Finally, for replacement, your business can build on software as a service application provider. 

In addition to this, you will need to look into a deployment style that includes hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and single cloud options. Hybrid involves two or more environment types that combine private and public clouds with on-premise legacy infrastructures. Multicloud is the combination of more than one public cloud infrastructure. Finally, a single cloud is a single cloud vendor that generally offers both a private and a public cloud. 

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migration guide - 5 rs of cloud migration tech