Our mission is to increase the compliance of ships

Navatom is a technology company that builds compliance and analytics tools for the ship fleet management industry. Fleets of all sizes use our solutions to manage and analyze their fleet.

Maritime cloud potential

Despite the demand for web applications and, more specifically, cloud-based web applications growing exponentially in the last ten years, the shipping industry hasn't adopted these technologies as fast.

The main reason for the slow adoption is the low availability of internet onboard ships. With developments in the maritime Satcom industry in the past few years, this demand is just beginning to increase, as platforms like VSAT and, more recently, low earth orbit satellite systems, like Iridium NEXT, Starlink, Leosat, and OneWebbecame more readily available to ships.

But long before the public was even aware of the arrival of these technologies, Navatom's development had started.

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The Pain

How to gather qualitative data from your ships?

We inspected the biggest pain of ship management companies to be how to gather qualitative data from your ships. To understand this pain we'll explore it in a simple timeline:

  1. Managing a ship is a real-time task. Problems occur, tasks are completed, and information and assistance from the company are required in real-time.

  2. To attend to their ships, companies use the phone, messaging, and emails to communicate, as these are closest to real-time for them. Therefore the actual quality data is accumulated in these platforms, not the ship management software, and this data may not be available to anyone but the sender and receiver of these communications.

  3. In effect, the ship management software is or will have insufficient data to assess and analyze situations, and most probably, this data won't be easily accessible. 

  4. So when you need to improve on a KPI or pinpoint a recurring deficiency, you can't trust your software and are left with data spread across your desk in multiple formats to assess the situation.

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The solution

Enter Navatom, The cloud-based real-time single page web application

These tech words came together to answer the pain we just explored. You may have guessed it, but we engineered a platform that puts communication first, so that Navatom would gather quality data from ships.



The term "real-time" refers to the ability to do or perform tasks right at the very moment they are said to be executed. Changes to data are readily available to ship and shore at the same time.



Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. Both your vessels and company are connected to the same software and data.


Single page

Single-page applications download the "page" a single time once it's executed. As soon as the user interacts with the software, only the required components are modified, not the complete application. Single-page applications offer a fast and smooth user experience.


Web application

A web application is a computer program that utilizes web browsers and technologies to perform tasks over the internet. To run a web application like Navatom you only need to have a modern browser installed on your device.

Navatom FAQ

What is Ship Management Software

Ship management software is a collection of software that helps Technical Ship Management companies implement, revise and improve their safety management and other procedural and regulatory systems.

There are multiple types of software that call themselves cloud ship management software. 

  • The first is the most common type. Some parts of the software are hosted on a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to increase the availability of the software.

  • The second is increasingly more common. This is where the company's side runs on the cloud, but the ship side is partially or fully offline and synchronizes to the company and vendor cloud databases.

  • The third is where the whole software runs on the cloud, and all users, ships, and shore connect to a central cloud computing system. By definition, this is the only genuine cloud software type.