What is Navatom

Navatom is a ship management software solution that increases vessel compliance to international maritime rules and regulations. Navatom achieves this by storing quality data with, product integrations, individual user accounts for employees and crew-members, and very powerful cloud infrastructure.

Value Proposition

The simplest way to engage your fleet



Every action in Navatom is visible by all users, everywhere in real-time.



10+ years of experience in developing cloud solutions for maritime.


Ship Management

Rules and regulations are implemented within the products.



Over thirty products are deeply integrated to form a complete solution platform.


Collaborative ship management

During routine operation, you and your crew input data through many platforms such as software, worksheets, emails, messages, and even phone or direct conversation. When you need to analyze this data, you lose time gathering the data for analysis.

Navatom is a real-time platform. It organically becomes the single point of truth for data, as the mediums mentioned above become redundant.

Benefits of real-time
Achieving real-time leads to conversations and file sharing with crew on a topic.
More parties are engaged in improving on your systems.
All reports and data are gathered in a single medium.
More complex analysis can be achieved through quality data.
What is Navatom - real-time

Reduce IT requirements and costs

Every hardware, software, and service you need to install to run your fleet management software is a risk factor you need to consider. Each action a user takes within Navatom products is directly sent to and stored within the cloud.

Real-time interaction in Navatom leads to more data accumulation than any other ship management software in the market. From your viewpoint, Navatom looks like a single website. In reality, multiple systems run in the background to create a secure and reliable platform that users can access through numerous gateways that mirror each other in harmony.

Cost Savings
Increased Collaboration
Quality Control
Disaster Recovery
Loss Prevention
Automatic Software Updates
Competetive Edge
What is Navatom - cloud-based
Ship management

Implemented rules, regulations, and business logic

Navatom products aim to simplify ship management through automation and integrations. Each product's primary goal is to reduce your employee's and crew's data entry while increasing productivity and quality of data for analysis.

There is a high knowledge cost to managing ships. This knowledge cost stems from the increasing rules and regulations of the trade. Navatom products have validations and warnings to warn you and your crew when non-conformities to regulations occur.

What is Navatom - ship management

Software as a service, you can access anywhere anytime

Navatom is a multi-tenant platform built upon various modern cloud technologies. When combined, these technologies allow you to access Navatom from any device, anywhere. The platform has the capabilities to scale automatically according to user needs and load.

Navatom is the only genuine software as a service platform for ship management, delivering applications over the internet - as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software onboard your vessels or your company, you simply access is via the internet, freeing your company from complex software and hardware management.

What is Navatom - platform

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