Who uses Navatom?

Navatom is for technical managers of maritime vessels. The platform's elastic and dynamic features allow a broad range of vessel types and fleet sizes to use the platform with ease. Forward-thinking maritime companies with stable internet connections prefer Navatom.

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Maritime vessel management solution

Navatom is used by maritime management companies that regulate and improve the operations and safety of vessels that need to comply with international maritime rules and regulations.

Fleet size

Navatom is engineered with complex features that are easy to use. You will encounter new features frequently. Depending on the fleet size and regulatory needs, you can choose to implement them.


Navatom is developed based on customer needs. Whether you are rapidly adding new vessels to your fleet, increasing your KPI goals to work with major oil companies, or managing luxury vessels, implementation is easy.

Vessel type

Diversity in maritime vessel types has led Navatom to grow as a generalist solution for all marine vessel management. All customer vessel types are taken into consideration when implementing new features.

Fleet Size

Solutions by fleet size

Navatom is being used onboard various and ever-changing fleet sizes. Navatom is easy to implement and use on small fleets. Easy to manage and change data on mid-size fleets, and easy to migrate to and manage from multi-location enterprise companies with large fleets.

With varying degrees of support and onboarding assistance, Navatom makes life easy for ship managers.

Navatom is the only real software as a service system, where the whole software is reliably and securely served from an enterprise-grade and highly flexible cloud architecture.

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Solutions by needs

Whether you have a rapidly growing fleet. You're transitioning to different vessel types, applying for TMSA, or other company requirements, or simply transitioning from paper-based systems to digital solutions, Navatom has you covered.

With many features designed to simplify complex ship management and operation tasks, you will feel right at home with Navatom.

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Vessel Type

Solutions by Vessel Type

Navatom is designed with layered features. Layered features are features that you can use with various detail levels. Throughout Navatom Products, you will encounter features that can be enabled or detailed as per your company and systems requirements.

The base tier features which are required for any maritime vessel are available readily. Depending on vessel type, more advanced features can be activated by you on the fly. This layered feature system enables various vessel types to use Navatom with ease throughout their fleet.

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