Inventory management, stock, and procurement in one place for easy follow up

All-inclusive maritime inventory management system. Use predefined catalogs like IMPA, or create custom catalogs. The inventory tracking system allows tracking stock under minimum, via in-app, email, and SMS notifications.

Procurement is also embedded within the inventory management system, create requests, combine them into requisition lists, progress them to RFQ, which allows either excel or Navatom generated pages to fill in RFQ forms.

Item Categories
Requisition List Categories
Minimum Quantities
Follow Up
Stepped Completion Tracking
Estimated Delivery Date and Place
Stock Management
Vendor Evaluation
inventory management, stock, and procurement in one place
Requisition Lists with advanced multiple item handling features

One of the most time-consuming tasks for the crew is the preparation of requisition lists. Navatom allows predefined templates, copy, move, and removal of multiple items, attachments, remarks, comments, and many more features to reduce time and errors in creating requisition forms.

Add Notes To Requision List
Custom Catalogues
Move Items To Another Requisition List
Add Notes to Items
Request Item or Add Items to Requisition List
Requisition Templates
ims - advanced requisition list planning
Inventory management integrations and analysis

Navatom Inventory Management System is integrated into Bookkeeping (invoices) and Running Cost, ensuring all invoices are directed to the expenditures and categorized properly.

ims - inventory management integrations and analysis