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Setup and onboard vessels fast

Navatom introduces sophisticated benefits that help you set up your systems and onboard your ships fast.

What to expect as you migrate to Navatom


Speed and Scalability

You can deploy changes to your management systems or onboard new ships faster.


Reduced IT requirements

Navatom only requires an internet connection and a device with a modern browser to run.


Increased presence

Through Navatom you will have more control over the current events onboard your ships.

Speed and Scalability

Your increasing needs are covered by Navatom

You and your crew need to input increasing amounts of data periodically to satisfy compliance requirements. With a sizeable fleet, this data can get out of hand. Navatom is designed to store large amounts of data and serve them to you with high-performance views.

Cloud Benefits
Navatom cloud automatically scales it's resources for increased usage.
Navatom's uptime is 99.5% for the past 10 years.
All products are designed with large amounts of data in mind.
All products are tested to store 20+ years of vessel data without a hitch.
Product Benefits
Smart filters and multiple views of the same data enable you to find data swiftly.
Global and local search functionality to find what you're looking for.
Newsfeed and notifications warn and inform you of impending tasks.
Multiple views and insights inform you of fleet performance regarding usage.
Views to inform you of overtasking crew (which causes overdue jobs).
Midsize Fleet - Speed and Scalability
Reduced IT requirements

Navatom completely removes IT requirements

Navatom is served from a central host maintained and secured to ensure enterprise-grade security and reliability. Navatom has been up and running for over ten years without any incidents.

Software and databases are replicated to ensure reliability.
Installation is not required to run the software.
Users automatically use the latest version of Navatom.
You can get the platform ready to use in mere hours.
Lowered overall costs.
All you need is a browser and an internet connection.
Easily scales to accommodate your changing needs.
Your users can work effectively from anywhere.
Navatom is optimized for use with Ship SatCom systems.
Midsize Fleet - Reduced IT Requirements
Increased Presence

Virtually inspect your vessels through Navatom Products

Ship managers who use Navatom report a general awareness and performance increase in their fleet. We attribute this to two main factors, real-time operation of the software and interactivity features.

Superintendent and auditor presence undeniably increases a vessel's HSEQ performance, while costing you time and money. Although this physical presence is technically irreplaceable, Navatom products are proven to simulate a virtual presence onboard the vessel through interaction on jobs and operations.

Midsize Fleet - Increased Presence

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