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Navatom is all-inclusive maritime fleet management software. Navatom products and solutions offer all you need to improve your vessel compliance, reduce running costs across the board, and analyze your weak points.

Navatom is a unique piece of software, first in its class to offer genuine cloud solutions for Ship Management Companies.

The Problem

Low communication due to data exchange problems

Navatom has started as a research and development project with a select few ship management companies. The initial aim of Navatom was to increase communication between ship and shore on procedure implementation and issue solving.

The initial problem that came with this idea was data exchange. Unfortunately, it is impossible to initiate fruitful dialogues where data exchange is delayed. This was the case for legacy ship management software back then, and it still is the most significant pain point of companies that use them now.

ship management software

Cloud-based Fleet Management Software as a service

To implement software systems that enable ship management companies and the crew of their fleet to create task-based dialogues in real-time.

This solution came with a price tag. When development started on Navatom, the ships it was supposed to work with had INMARSAT-C type SatCom systems onboard. As a result, Navatom has an entirely separate and optimized cloud-based web application entirely for ship use. The ship products mirror the company products, but they are easier to use and optimized to use all types of Ship Satellite Communication Systems.

At the time, these systems were supplied as Iridium, Fleet Broadband, and later Thuraya, to name a few.

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