Level up in TMSA stages with the help of Navatom

TMSA is a continuous process of improvement through goals and KPIs. Navatom enables a more profound understanding of your current stage in assessment and allows incremental improvements for all vital elements of TMSA.

Data Collection

Navatom collects log data while collecting reports from users in various formats. This log data serves as an addition to your reports with user, action, and date information. This data collection enables a deeper understanding of how your user's complete activities.

Another benefit of Navatom is its interaction features; ship and shore users can interact with each other within the context of various operations.

This additional and automated data collection and interaction enables more sophisticated analytics and KPI tools to be implemented.

Data Collection
User information is collected in all actions.
Date and time information for all operational transitions.
Detailed event log within the context of operations and reports.
Analytical Benefits
Analytics are enriched with date time and user information.
Sophisticated analytics that include user based actions.
Interaction increases the quality of data as Navatom becomes single source of truth.
TMSA - Data Collection

Continuous Improvement

TMSA requires you to assess and improve current conditions continuously. Continuously improving a sustainable system requires control over each iteration of operations and procedures. Navatom increases your perception through real-time and interactive management, where you and your crew improve the system together through these benefits.

Within Navatom products, you will find data to increase your awareness of weak points that require improvement. You can interact with your employees and crew over these weak points to improve upon them.

Continuous improvement benefits
Improve your systems with the input and interaction of your crew over specific tasks.
See weak points through analytics that increase your awareness.
TMSA - Continuous Improvement


Navatom has a growing list of real-time KPIs that gather qualitative data through your crew's reports. The stability and quality of data are achieved through the various features of Navatom products that help guide you and your crew with rules and regulations. The real-time interaction between ship and shore enables a more profound continuous improvement.


Powerful analytics to help you increase performance and compliance.


Industry-standard and tailor-made KPIs with real-time results and reports.


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