The smart document management system for shipping

Navatom Manuals is a complete solution for managing internal and external manuals of your ship management fleet. It includes manual revision tracking, collaborative document editing, and tracing when crew members read your published manuals.

Advanced publishing and revision cycle controls

Publishing your safety management system or other manuals have never been easier. Navatom Manuals is a complete document management and storage solution.

Manuals - Advanced publishing and revision cycles
All internal and external manuals and documents in one place

You can also upload manuals published for your vessels by third parties. Providing a single source of truth for all your manuals.

Manuals - Internal and external manuals in one place
Detailed manual contents

Manual sections can refer to other manual sections. Manual procedures can be used as guides within operations (Risk Assessment). Revisions are automatically tracked and differences kept for you.

Manuals - Detailed Manual Contents

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