Sophisticated Planned Maintenance System for Ships

Navatom Planned Maintenance System is the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use way for your company to create, manage, and analyze your vessel's maintenance system. Cloud Planned Maintenance System allows viewing maintenance reports and issues in real-time.

Create sophisticated planned maintenance structures

The unlimited tree-structured PMS hierarchy allows for you to implement all sorts of logical and relational maintenance systems.

Nested Equipment
Nested Categories
Maintenance Types
Copy, duplicate, import
Triggered Maintenances
Task forms
Crew task distribution
Sophisticated planned maintenance structure
Customize and improve PMS on the go

Continuously improve PMS with features that make you aware of weak points in your PMS structure.

Event Logs
Dynamic changes to PMS
Customize and improve planned maintenance
Detailed equipment and maintenance information and logs

Detailed features and multiple integrations lead to very robust and detailed maintenance and equipment information. Resulting in quality reports and analytics.

Define equipment spare-parts
Assign relevant risk assessments to PMS tasks
Deficiencies and non-conformities are directly linked to related equipment.
Detailed equipment and maintenance information
Don't miss or delay tasks

It can be hard to find a specific task within your system or to realize who is on what task, or which tasks are delayed. Navatom has many views and tools within the PMS ecosystem to help you and your crew members realize, target, and complete tasks. You don't need to create job lists, Navatom smartly creates them for you through these features.

Advanced job assignments
Multi-person conditional approvals
Follow Up
Postpone maintenance
Multiple views to show PMS structure
Detailed work hour logs
Dynamic changes to PMS
Prioritizing and queuing tasks
don't miss or delay planned maintenance tasks

Planned Maintenance FAQ

What is Planned Maintenance System

Planned Maintenance System is a mandatory practice for ships according to the International Safety Management Code (ISM). It asks the company to establish procedures to ensure the vessel is maintained in conformity with rules and regulations.

Check out this blog post about planned maintenance systems for further information.

The most significant difference of Navatom's Planned Maintenance System is the time factor. This is because Navatom products, along with PMS, work in real-time. Therefore, every update your vessel makes to a maintenance report will be instantly visible to you.

Along with integrations, with Risk Assessment, Spare Parts, Forms, Enquiries, Deficiencies, Dry Dock, and more, the system shows and notifies you of weak points and issues.

Yes, we have a team experienced in migrating data from paper, digital media (XLSX, PDF, WORD, etc.), and other legacy software where your data is legally entitled to you.

The migration costs are based on the difficulty of the import. Where importing from another database costs significantly less than writing a system from the ground up.

With this said, Navatom users have created full-fledged Planned Maintenance Systems within weeks for their whole fleet without any intervention.

There are no restrictions on what vessel types can use Navatom PMS. The system is currently being used on General Cargo Vessels, Chemical Tankers, Container Ships, Mega Yachts, Tug Boats, Oil Barges, Oil Platforms.

Companies have completed hundreds of thousands of maintenances using Navatom. These systems have been proven, tested, and audited by tens of third parties, such as classification societies, port states, and major oil companies.