Health, Safety, Environment, Quality (HSEQ): FAQ Book

Discover the meaning of HSEQ and its implementation in the maritime industry.
Ceylan Ersoy
Jun 26
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HSEQ Meaning

The acronyms stand for:

  • HSE: health, safety, and environment

  • HSQE: Health, safety, quality, and environment

  • HSEQ definition: Health, safety, environment, and quality

  • HSSE: health, safety, security, and environment

HSEQ management is the core of compliance with international maritime rules and regulations. 

As you operate for your employer, you want a Safety Management System to ensure that your actions impose no damage or risk to anyone. Using a Safety Management System is to conform with the guidelines and rules of health, protection, safety, and surroundings. Managing health, protection, quality, and surroundings in Safety Management software can help you secure your employees, minimize the risk of threat and diminish accident potentials. Furthermore, you ensure an environmentally accountable workplace, saving yourself and your surroundings from unfavorable situations. Overall, it allows for your team to be secure at all times and satisfied to carry out the optimized operations for your company. 

What does an HSEQ Management System Certification imply in your commercial enterprise?

Having HSEQ Management System certification shows that you're capable of delivering to potential clients, both public and personal. You are well versed and organized in delivering towards issues of injury, contamination, and environmental troubles and are taking action to minimize the charges related to administrative center protection and environmental accidents.

A licensed HSEQ Management System will help your business enterprise to satisfy pre-qualification requirements for Government, Local Council, and personal client requirements. 

You may have to document your certification in your capacity to identify, examine and manage, health, protection, surroundings, and delicate troubles under proper audit and licensing management. These documentations could also show you are adhering to relative global requirements. 

HSEQ Supervisors

The HSEQ supervisor position is responsible for manipulating and keeping the Combined Management System CMS (for Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality procedures).

HSEQ Manager Responsibilities: 

  • Provide Legislative and law recommendations to the Management crew on all subjects referring to HSEQ

  • Liaise with registration bodies, clients, and providers to remedy problems.

  • Responsible for preserving high-satisfactory accreditations for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, and ISO/IEC UKAS 17020, making sure periodic audits are scheduled to ensure ongoing compliance.

  • Responsible for imposing and implementing an inner HSEQ audit agenda to ensure all organization workplaces comply with the necessities of high-satisfactory accreditations.

  • Maintain the control gadget and perceive and enforce tasks to enhance it consisting of all procedures, secure structures of work, aid and recommendation on Risk Assessments, Method Statements, and COSHH.

  • Ensure all workplaces are running in a standardized method to the high-satisfactory requirements.

  • Establish the minimal base of HSEQ qualifications required to use location workplace representatives, manipulate and keep high-satisfactory education necessities for workplace representatives.

  • Overall responsibility/ authority for all incidents and twist of fate investigations.

  • Advise the organization on legislative and law updates, making sure all QMS documentation is saved and updated as required.

  • Client aid on HSEQ subjects/ Audits

  • Advice, guide, aid, sell focus and instruct all employees to implement the employer's rules and procedures. Complete different tasks at the request of the management

Other Necessities: HSEQ Manager Qualifications

  • Proven revel in running a Safety and Quality control position in manufacturing, creation, or oil and fuel industries.

  • Ability to construct relationships and impact human beings in any respect levels

  • To have evolved and run a gadget that includes ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 through permitted bodies.

  • Preferred revel in UKAS auditing necessities with regards to ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

  • To have revealed the capacity to manage crisis and disaster aversion.

  • Ability to talk efficiently each orally and in writing; have a personable nature with powerful and clean verbal exchange skills. 

  • Commitment to running as a part of a crew

Safety Officer and HSEQ Qualifications in the Ship Management Industry

A profession as a QHSE Engineer or Safety Officer withinside the Shipping Industry is a significant career avenue. Many ship safety management systems and correspondingly ship safety management software, like Navatom, assist officers in this regard.

You may screen and help with all QHSE associated topics, including ISO necessities, inspections, audits, and all helping documentation in this function. A QHSE Engineer or Safety Officer is a function, which needs interest to element a good way to hold protection structures on an operational foundation as dictated, and according to the Marine and Shipping requirements quality practices. As the QHSE Engineer or Safety Officer, it's your duty to make sure the strategies are observed as failure to achieve this can bring about felony prosecutions towards the company.

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