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Why is Navatom the Ultimate Ship Management Software?

Meet Navatom’s Unique Feature Set and Modules
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Ceylan Ersoy
Jan 21

As the maritime industry embraces its fair share of the digital revolution and begins to integrate IoT technologies, the need for real-time digital solutions for vessel management software becomes ever more pressing. Thankfully, Navatom is ready to aid such processes in ship management through its sophisticated cloud-based software that allows you to access real-time maritime data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Furthermore, Navatom's technology functions extremely intuitively, collecting and manifesting location, sorting, and analyzing information continuously. Meet the unique features of the all-in-one ship management solution that will help you manage your fleet, access your ship management analytics, and optimize your maritime business models. 

What Does the Navatom Feature Set Include? 

Explore the global features that are deployed consistently across all modules, sharing a mutual visual language. Such features allow for you to:

Make decisions based on real-time data. 

It can be challenging for company users to follow up on many different tasks and issues. With Navatom features that collect and organize information, you will receive an intelligent feed of items you need to tackle in real-time. The advantage of a real-time application starts with the grand but straightforward improvement of using one platform for all communications. With the features, Navatom provides, all of your secondary communication about technical management will be reduced significantly. Secondarily having all of your data in one place will allow a deeper understanding of weak and strong points and their importance levels. This will result in significant improvements to compliance and a reduction in Running Costs. Real-time features include: 

  • Event logging: Navatom keeps detailed logs of all actions taken by everyone in your organization

  • Newsfeed: A personal and global newsfeed where you can see what happened in tasks assigned or lead by you or tasks happening everywhere in your company. 

  • Comments: Navatom allows for a simple and instantaneous commenting system in all task and object views.

  • Calendar: Calendar gives a monthly/yearly view of all of the periodical tasks in Navatom; you can also create and assign events here.

  • Dashboard: The Dashboard has a different tab with detailed information about what your assigned tasks are in a given module or task; it also includes a weekly calendar and newsfeed on the side

  • Notifications: Navatom can send you in-app, email, and SMS notifications on certain criteria. These notifications are intuitively aware of which people are assigned which tasks.

Maintain clarity in titular job assignments. 

In all fleet management companies, employees have a clear title and job description. But some tasks and problems tend to interest many different parties, both shore, and ship-based. Therefore, Navatom has a clear assignment system, where you can assign tasks/problems to yourself or your employees. This feature involves:

  • Access Rights: You can determine deep access rights for both company and ship crew. The access right system has two layers: you can assign ships and features to people.

  • Dynamic Assignment System: Tasks can be assigned to specific company officers and ship crew upon creation.

  • Multi-person assignment system: Some tasks can be assigned to multiple people in two ways First, any one of the assigned people can complete a task, the other is all of the assigned people must approve that task.

  • Multi-level and optional assignments: You can determine a multi-level assignment for important tasks, and keep a single person on a task for others.

Ensure cyber-security

If you haven't already, read our blog on why maritime cyber-security is extremely pressing in 2021! Increasingly, ships are prone to cyber-attacks, targeted or otherwise. This can result in major losses for companies. Navatom is the most cyber-secure fleet management software in the world. How is this conducted?

  • Reduced IT requirements: Navatom does not require, servers, workstations, or any other high-end electronics onboard the vessel.

  • None installed application environment: Ships travel globally, and electronics such as servers are prone to failure due to their rugged conditions. Navatom only relies on the vessels' satellite communication antennas to deliver the application to all client computers on the vessel. No installation or maintenance is necessary.

  • Cloud Data structure: Navatom's infrastructure allows the delivery of frequent updates and relative fixes globally and simultaneously to all clients. This continuous development and integration foundation allows for a very smoothly operating platform.

  • Replica servers for failures: Navatom isn't just one computer or server; it is replicated across countries and data-centers, with secondary backup systems in place, so that a replica automatically takes the load from the system in case of a failure.

  • Replica database for failures: Our databases are replicated simultaneously to deliver a highly secure database system.

  • Constant monitoring of weak points: To keep Navatom running, our highly experienced system engineers constantly monitor the state of the software with automated warnings and tasks in place.

  • Weekly security audits and checks: We are audited by third parties against security and breach risks periodically.

  • Backup systems: Navatom's databases are backed up in multiple locations with the point in time recovery systems.

  • Encryption: All data communication within and outside Navatom is encrypted with a state-of-the-art encryption system.

Apart from the global features, Navatom comes with a Planned Maintenance System that covers all tasks related to the maintenance of equipment onboard your vessels. The module is integrated with seven other modules to deliver a smoothly integrated experience. What does this module help you accomplish? 

Easily create and edit Planned Maintenance Structures. 

Ship Managers need to adapt to their software instead of the software adapting to them.

  • Nested Categories: To clarify, sort, and filter equipment, Navatom delivers infinitely nested category systems and categories that contain parent equipment. 

  • Nested Equipment: Equipment can be infinitely nested to deliver realistic equipment hierarchies

  • Triggered Maintenances: As listed in some equipment technical manuals, triggered maintenance are started based on their parents

  • Dynamic Changes to PMS: Changes to the PMS are instant; you can update the definition or details of the entire structure, allowing your vessel to access it instantly.

  • Copy, duplicate, import: You can export entire categories to other ships, duplicate equipment maintenances, or categories.

Access Module Integrations

Some sub-tasks of planned maintenances are separated (Such as risk assessment or spare part usage and purchasing), leaving users to guess what happened when or finding out through date filtering. What does this involve? 

  • Define equipment spare parts: Spare parts can be directly defined on a per equipment (or sub equipment) basis. You can easily add spare parts to your defined equipment; these lists are then shown when the crew is doing maintenances and reporting spare part usage.

  • Report spare part usage through maintenance reports. Spare part usage can be reported through the maintenance views. While the crew members are completing maintenance, they can report which spare parts they've used. These are immediately subtracted from the vessel's stock when used.

  • Request spare parts through maintenance reports: Spare parts can be requested while completing maintenance. This allows the crew members to create lists while completing their jobs.

  • Complete relevant risk assessments while reporting maintenance: Risk assessments can be added to maintenance definitions. These risk assessments are then presented to your crew members while they are on the maintenance details report.

  • Deficiencies and Malfunctions are directly linked to related equipment: The deficiencies module has a direct link to your equipment. You can create deficiencies directly related to your equipment and run intelligent filters and analytics on a per-equipment basis.

  • Use inquiries to report maintenance problems. Crew members can report problems with the maintenance they are reporting, such as missing instructions or wrong periods.

  • Downtime Reporting: Equipment downtimes can be reported through the equipment details view. These downtimes can be related to maintenances or deficiencies.

Ensure that you don't miss or delay tasks

It can be hard to find a specific task within your system or to realize who is on what task or which tasks are delayed. Navatom has many views and tools within the PMS ecosystem to help you and your crew members realize, target, and complete tasks. You don't need to create job lists. Navatom smartly creates them for you through these features. These include: 

  • Maintenance Types: The PMS tasks in Navatom are separated into types, these are, Maintenance, Safety Check, Performance Test, Visual Check, Meget Test, and Overhaul

  • Multiple Views to show PMS structure: The planned maintenance setup of a vessel can be viewed in multiple views, these views cover the need to search for tasks in different manners, a tree view, a tree/table combined view and a table view exist too, search, filter, sort, and edit equipment and maintenances.

  • Detailed work hour logs: Work hours can be added to multiple types of equipment at the same time, or some sub-equipments can be removed from the addition. These additions can then be archived and viewed through multiple places

Wait that is not it! Along with these features, Navatom also offers modules such as the Inventory Management System, Spare Parts, Dry Dock, Forms, Master's Reviews, Safety Meetings, Drills, Training, Risk Assessments, Circulars, Manuals, Certificates, Vetting, Audit and Inspections, and Deficiencies. For more information on modules and features, please refer to our website! When selecting a ship management solution, make sure to go over their feature list in detail and ensure that they can cover all your needs. 

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