Navatom is a ship management software solution that increases vessel compliance to international maritime rules and regulations. Navatom achieves this by storing quality data with, product integrations, individual user accounts for employees and crew-members, and very powerful cloud infrastructure.

Navatom is for technical managers of maritime vessels. The platform's elastic and dynamic features allow a broad range of vessel types and fleet sizes to use the platform with ease. Forward-thinking maritime companies with stable internet connections prefer Navatom.

Navatom uses modern cloud technologies to bridge maritime vessels to their managers in real-time. The simultaneous connection to the same data source leads to increased data quality and usage in the platform. Navatom has proprietary technologies that ensure a stable connection with various satellite communication systems used onboard today's maritime vessels.

Navatom is all-inclusive maritime fleet management software. Navatom products and solutions offer all you need to improve your vessel compliance, reduce running costs across the board, and analyze your weak points.

Navatom is a unique piece of software, first in its class to offer genuine cloud solutions for Ship Management Companies.