Creation features allow you to create simple or complex tasks and operations depending on your requirements.
Tailor-made analytics

People have different pov, you define the analytics according to what you want to achieve

Customize the analytics according to your company needs
Complicated data on easy to read charts

Complicated datas for analytics turn into a very simple graphic view

Do not grapple with complicated data or values. Use the understandable charts of Navatom
Deep analytics with any value needs to be followed

Any value on the Navatom can be used for analytics

If you need to follow some values Navatom can show you that values as graphics


Analyze real-time information to assess pain points in your system to iterate and improve on tasks and operations.
Crew PMS Task Distribution

Various tables and graphics visualizing the amount and period of tasks given to crew members.

Reduce overdues by improving and distributing PMS tasks.
Visualize task count / overdue correlation.
Overdue Analysis

Analyze current and past overdue tasks within your fleet, and see reasons for overdue completion.

Improve PMS scheduling by seeing exactly what causes overdue tasks.
Visualize running cost spending per category in a period

Search through a category and its children, and visualize spending within the selected period.