Creation features allow you to create simple or complex tasks and operations depending on your requirements.
Manual deprecation workflows

You can deprecate (remove from circulation), old and unused manuals, the deprecated manuals are kept in a separate place, where only the allowed users can see, and republish them.

Track historical documentation
Deletion of unused manuals aren't necessary.
Customizable, automated document numbering system

The documents within the manuals are automatically numbered, according to their position. The numbering system can be altered at any level. This custom numbering is automatically passed to child documents.

For example, if you number a document A1.1 the child element is automatically numbered as A1.1.1

Implement real-world document numbering systems.
Leave it up to Navatom to automatically number your document systems.
Smart table of contents

Tree-structured content creation with nested chapters, sections, subsections, and procedures.

Automated ToC through document management.
Easier to find the document you're looking for.
Advanced version tracking system

The version tracking system for documentation allows you to create new revisions for documents, and schedule them to be released on a waiting list. When released all assigned parties will see the latest version due to Navatom's real-time nature.

The revision system automates the version logs and revision lists that you are used to keeping. All versions of a document are stored and listed within automated changelogs.

The versioning system also has tools to display differences between versions with visual cues.

Related persons get notifications about revisions
All users see the latest version of a document
Assigned personnel receive notifications about revisions and updates
Read notifications abide by the versioning tool, new version means new read task.


All of your crew members and employees can interact with each other while completing operations.

An easy-to-use commenting system that allows managers and crew converse on a specific task or procedure.

Keeping dialogues contained within items can show why an action was taken.
Contain conversations within a task or procedure.


Notifications come in many shapes, in-app notifications, email, and SMS notifications, and places like the dashboard, calendar, and newsfeed views where notifications are grouped for you.
Smart Revision Difference Display

When documents are revisioned, the smart revision system creates a difference display, that shows you in detail what has been revised.

Easy to look up what has been revised.
Document revision changelog is automatically created.
Navigate between versions of the same document to see changes.
Revision Tracking

After a section revised the old versions will be kept and then the difference between versions will be pointed.

You can review old versions any time to apperceive revision better
Read assignments

Assign documents to ships and ranks. The assigned personnel will get a persistent read task for that document. The read task persists when the person in the selected rank changes or the crew member goes to another vessel.

Assign once and forget, assignments are persistant.
Assigned crew members will only have a read task again if the document is revised.


Automatically generated logs allow you to analyze how a task or operation is processed and completed.
Event Logs

Navatom keeps detailed logs of all actions taken by everyone in your organization.

Seeing event logs in real time allows you to detect minor issues and prevent them from creating additional minor problems
Helps identify bottlenecks per task, if a step takes too long to complete it's clearly visible in the event logs.
Release Log

Automatic change marking system

It shows who and when released the related manual
Read status and percentages

Read status of documents is displayed in all views of a document. You can choose to opt-out of reading tracking, which will show up as N/A in certain places.

Reading tracking persists even if the crew leaves the company, and comes back, or is shifted to another rank or vessel.

The tracking system only resets tracking when a new revision of a previously read document is released.

Easily check who read your documents.
A source of truth to prove if someone actually read a document.


Organically change tasks and operations in real-time to improve on your system with regular iterations.
Reference other sections

Manual sections can refer to other manual sections. You can use this feature to easily navigate through your documents. This also allows multilingual integration of manuals.

Easy navigation within sections
Multilingual content can be linked to each other
References can guide your crew to the next important topic
Link procedures to operations

Attach the procedures you've created within Manuals to Operations within Risk Assessment. When the crew member is creating the risk assessment report, he will have direct visual access to the attached procedures.

No need to search for a procedure, it can be viewed during an operation
It's easy to sort operations without a procedure, or procedures that don't have operations
Publishing and approval workflow

Documents are created as drafts, and sent through an approval process, once they are completed, they can be released by people with access rights.

Manage approval workflows
Documents are always checked before being published.
Easier to implement real-world publishing scenarios.
Collaborative Document Editing

Navatom has an embedded document editing system, where you and your coworkers can edit a document simultaneously. The editor shows where others are through caret highlighting. The editor also has embedded chat, revision tracking, commenting, and other systems used in desktop document editors.

You can also import previously created documents straight into the editor and continue from there.

Compatibility with MS Office and other desktop document editors.
Collaboration increases document output.