Creation features allow you to create simple or complex tasks and operations depending on your requirements.
Define equipment spare-parts

Spare parts can be directly defined on a per equipment (or sub-equipment) basis. You can easily add spare parts to your defined equipment, these lists are then shown when the crew are doing maintenances and reporting spare part usage

Define equipment spares in one click
follow up on spare usage through equipment details
Requisition List Categories

Custom categories for easy separation of the lists

Since each list will come to the purchasing department as classified, you can directly share the same list with the relevant vendor and make purchasing simpler
Saves both time and extra workload. (It is very important especially in foreign supplies.) For example; Such as ME Requests, DG Requests, Crane Requests
Request Spare Parts Directly From a Maintenance

It is possible to define spare parts to relevant equipment and reach them during maintenance and show them as used.

More regular spare part follow up thanks to creating spare requests from the screen where the spare material is used
Add Proforma Invoice, Final Invoice or Credit Notes

The finance department should have some idea about the purchasing, keep them informed by sharing invoices directly.

Instead of keeping the purchasing data with invoices in multiple places, it keeps all of them in a system where you can find easily in case of a need or a situation
Add Notes to Requision List

Does the list have urgency? Should it be carried out with special treatment? Add a note for it.

Urgency or warning notifications on a list can help to get the requests faster or safer.
Custom Catalogs

When you integrate the Equipment Manuals belongs to your equipment to the Spare Part module, you can simply select the part from the list and add it to the requisition list without having to enter the code, part number, maker, etc.

It saves time and minimizes the error rate in heavy cost spare parts orders
Move Items to Another Requisition List

A typing error brought the item to the wrong list? Just move it to the correct list.

No need to create a new list and waste time for it
Add Notes to Items

Some of the items can not be defined with the description, add notes (color, size, etc.) and make sure that the correct item will be delivered

Prevents wrong request and related wrong request over purchasing, timeloss, other problems.
Request Item or Add Items to Requisition List

You can add requested item to the requisition list or request a pool to be added on a requisition list later

Everyone has a different way, you can also arrange requisitions in your own way
Requisition Templates

An easier way to create long lists

Ready to fill templates makes seafarers life easier
Item Categories

3 level category, easier understanding of the item

Thanks to these categories a spare part is displayed more detailed.
Add Costs to Running Cost Categories

Keep an eye on the running cost, no one wants to overspend

More realistic Running Cost values


Detailed reports result in detailed KPIs and analytics. At the same time providing a detailed report increases the time to completion of a report. In Navatom this detail is added automatically through features and integrations, so you can have the best of both worlds.
Report spare part usage through maintenance reports

A crew member can report usage of spare-parts during a maintenance.


All of your crew members and employees can interact with each other while completing operations.

An easy-to-use commenting system that allows managers and crew converse on a specific task or procedure.

Keeping dialogues contained within items can show why an action was taken.
Contain conversations within a task or procedure.
Request for Quotation via Direct Link

Share link with vendors. The price, notes, additional costs, and all the needed information will be in Navatom.

No data entry needed
Easy and qualified communication with vendors.
Ability for gathering all quotations on one screen


Notifications come in many shapes, in-app notifications, email, and SMS notifications, and places like the dashboard, calendar, and newsfeed views where notifications are grouped for you.
Minimum Quantities

You can define the minimum required quantities per item for each one of the spares. When minimum is reached other features like notification come into play

Tight schedules can make seafarers missout quantity of the items
With notifications, Navatom can set up some reminders.
Estimated Delivery Date And Place

Keep everyone informed, no more e-mails or phone calls about the status of the requisitions

Informing estimations will help everyone to plan their tasks better

Follow Up

Operations don't always go according to a predefined path to completion. You can handle these deviations through Navatoms features.
Stepped Completion Tracking

Customize your steps for requisition lists, let the people follow up the status of the requisition lists

Follow up status of the requisition lists on a single page


Automatically generated logs allow you to analyze how a task or operation is processed and completed.
Event Logs

Navatom keeps detailed logs of all actions taken by everyone in your organization.

Seeing event logs in real time allows you to detect minor issues and prevent them from creating additional minor problems
Helps identify bottlenecks per task, if a step takes too long to complete it's clearly visible in the event logs.


Organically change tasks and operations in real-time to improve on your system with regular iterations.
Stock Management

The IMS and Spare Parts have many features to keep a detailed stock of your vessels. The stock is automatically updated through usage and requests.

You can monitor item usage, get detailed reports.


Analyze real-time information to assess pain points in your system to iterate and improve on tasks and operations.
Price Compare Screen

Compare the prices on a single page easily and save time for a decision.

Purchase at lower prices. Less Running Costs.
Vendor Evaluation

Do you think the vendor is doing fine? Let's see,

To achieve a clean purchasing by the help of previous experiences with the same Vendors